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Martial Arts For Everyone

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We have classes for men, women and children, the adults and children train in separate classes. 

There is also a seperate class for women only that has a female instructor.

If you are not ready to train in a class just yet, we teach private lessons too when times allows.

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Training martial arts is a great way to improve your fitness levels, manage your weight, improve your confidence, reduce your stress levels and have some fun.

We cater for everyone, from absolute beginners right up to professional athletes, young and old alike.

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We offer regular classes in Jiu Jitsu, gi and no gi.

Private  and semi private classes are also available to train mixed martial arts.


Seminars and workshops are also available for groups.

Taking the first step when starting something new is always the hardest part but you can be assured of a warm welcome when you come to our gym. For a start we know each and everyone by their first name, we are more like a group of friends and family that works really well together. Good training with good people!

Please get in touch before you come down to train, don’t just turn up. If you come down to the gym to a session that may not suit you, you won’t be able to train and will have had a wasted journey. We are frequently full also so getting in touch will allow you to ascertain whether there is a place for you at the gym or not.

Please note also that Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport/martial art and although every care is taken there is still a chance that you may be injured, please check the Starting Jiu Jitsu section of and understand that ALL students are strongly recommended to have valid and relevant insurance, check out the UKBJJA link on